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We are back to playing BF2142 join me and J0hnMcCl4ne if you want to have some clan fun... - Aussiemongoose

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 [Elite] Clan

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PostSubject: [Elite] Clan   Sat 26 Jun 2010, 4:32 pm

When I created my clan [Elite] I always dreamt of a "professional" group of players that just enjoy Battlefield and that play in style. My intention was to have an uncomplicated clan, who just play when they want to and just want to have fun. Now things are getting more serious, so I guess we might have a clan war in the near future

Things that are important for me are the following:

Elite members never cheat (includes glitching like jumping through walls, shooting through walls, podsurfing etc.)
Elite members are "professionals" we are polite to others our mouths aren´t our weapons, the mouse does the talking )
Elite members try not to swear, cuss. (I´m not your mummy, so thats not an order, just a wish). Keeps the clean image of our clan and makes us untouchable.
In regard to other players of the clan, no trash talking, be nice to each other and be respectful.
Elite members dont have any obligations, you go online to have fun, no time or place that you have to be, just enjoy the playing.
Aussimongoose is the owner of this clan, anyone who doesn´t agree with the above can leave the clan.
If anyone does not follow the rules above, he will be warned and if repeated forced to leave the clan.

It would be nice, if our clan was known as the most feared players in Battlefield history.
Ok thats all for now folks
signing off

[Elite] Aussimongoose (Clan leader and owner)
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[Elite] Clan
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